Marcus Söderberg

Photographer, Owner

I still remember the day I got my first camera. I was six years old and it was Christmas.

The camera took only black & white photos on a 24 frame roll. I got instantly hooked. I started to take pictures of everything. I took a lot of pictures during my schooldays and as time went on, I got known as the “camera-guy”. I always had a camera with me, ready to take portraits and documentary shots. And by the time I turned 12, I got my first video camera. It was a heavy, on-shoulder camera. And after that, I started to make different home movies and got more into editing. Both video and stills.

Photography has been with me all my life. It has been a part of me, for as long as I can remember and it will stay with me, for as long as I live. That I’m sure of.

As a photographer, I’m filled with a creative passion that inspires me what ever I create, and wherever the missions and clients take me. I love the feeling of always being inspired by everything around me. The feeling and need to create, and the feeling to please my customers, is like a “happy-rush” that runs in my body.

I love to give back to the community in every way i can. When you hire me, you not only get a photographer with passion for his work, you also get a person that feels happy when he is making other people happy. A person who never gives up, who would work around the clock to please you as a customer.

For me, this is not a job, this is a lifestyle. I always like to challenge my photography skills and get a great sense of achievement seeing my customers truly happy with the pictures I deliver.

My work gives me the opportunity to travel a lot and visit lots of countries and met lots of different people. I could not imagine living without this flow of happiness in my life.

This is me.

Let’s create some magic together.